Ethereum based OKX Layer 2 Now Launched Mainnet

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By Max Ledger

Key Points:

  • OKX unveils X Layer, a layer-2 blockchain, revolutionizing DApp interaction.
  • X Layer now integrates with Owlto Finance, enabling seamless cross-chain transfers.
  • With over 200 dApps during the testnet, X Layer leverages ZK technology for streamlined access.

OKX, a leading crypto exchange, launches X Layer, its layer-2 blockchain, on the public mainnet for enhanced DApp accessibility.

OKX Layer 2: A New Era for Decentralized Applications

Aligning with major crypto companies establishing their own distributed networks, OKX introduces X Layer, an Ethereum-based zero-knowledge Layer 2 network built using the Polygon Chain Development Kit. Seamlessly integrated with the OKX exchange and OKX Web3 Wallet, X Layer bridges assets, enabling users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the network.

Symbolizing openness and interoperability, X Layer aims to enhance blockchain scalability by fostering collaboration among diverse protocols. Its versatility nurtures innovation across various use cases. Notably, Owlto Finance, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, has integrated with X Layer, facilitating cross-chain transfers of ETH, USDT, and USDC into the network.

X Layer: The Pioneering Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology

Formerly known as “X1,” the now-launched OKX Layer 2 gained traction during its testnet debut in November, attracting over 50 dApps within a week. The OKX native token OKB will serve as the network’s native asset for transaction fees.

With an impressive onboarding of over 200 dApps during the testnet phase, including DeFi, infrastructure, bridge, and gaming applications, X Layer aims to streamline access to on-chain applications leveraging its Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK) powered, EVM-compatible Layer 2 network.

Prominent dApps such as Curve, Renzo, and QuickSwap have already begun building on X Layer, signaling growing interest in the platform. The focus now shifts to attracting more developers and users, enhancing network efficiency, and driving further innovations in Layer 2 and ZK technologies.

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