Bitcoin App Strike Now Expands Support to European Users

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By Max Ledger

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin app Strike expands to Europe amid rising demand and crypto prices.
  • European users gain access to SEPA deposits to buy Bitcoin with flexible withdrawal options.
  • CEO Jack Mallers emphasizes Bitcoin’s significance and announces support for businesses seeking Bitcoin solutions.

In response to increasing demand and interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency offerings in Europe, the Bitcoin app Strike has announced its expansion of services to European users. The move comes as Bitcoin prices continue to rise, and the region shows a growing appetite for digital currency transactions.

Strike has introduced a range of services tailored specifically to European customers, making it easier for them to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem and conduct BTC transactions seamlessly. This expansion into the European market follows Strike’s successful moves into other regions, including its headquarters relocation to El Salvador last year to enter the Latin American market.

CEO Jack Mallers has been instrumental in driving Bitcoin adoption in Europe, emphasizing the importance of the digital currency as a technical innovation that enhances savings and interoperability. With Strike’s presence in the United States, Africa, and now Europe, the app is serving over 100 countries worldwide, providing users with access to Bitcoin transactions and cross-border payments.

European users now have the option to make unlimited SEPA Euro deposits through Strike, allowing them to purchase Bitcoin easily. The app also offers various withdrawal options, including the ability to transfer Bitcoin to self-managed wallets. Additionally, Strike’s cross-border payments feature enhances users’ capabilities to send money internationally.

Mallers highlighted that Strike users in Europe can buy Bitcoin using their bank accounts, thanks to SEPA deposits covering 36 countries, including EU member states, EFTA countries, and the UK. The app also allows users to withdraw Bitcoin to self-hosted wallets or over the Lightning network to supported wallets, providing flexibility in managing digital assets.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin Strike app enables peer-to-peer money transfers, allowing for cross-border payments in various currencies such as euros in Europe, US dollars in the US, or Tether’s USDT in select regions. This functionality opens up new avenues for seamless financial transactions across different regions.

With its expanded support for European users, Strike is set to further bolster Bitcoin adoption across the continent, offering a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and sending Bitcoin. The app’s enhanced services and features cater to the growing demand for digital currency solutions in Europe, providing users with convenient and secure ways to engage in the world of cryptocurrency.

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